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Updated: May 6

Here is where we celebrate my passion of BodyTalk.  Insights into the art and science of BodyTalk, and beyond.  As with any story, let's start with the BEGINNING and with GRATITUDE!  To Dr. John Veltheim, whose courage to embrace the concept of Integrative Consciousness-based healthcare revolutionizes healthcare.  His system, BodyTalk, along with the complementary systems of Accunect, BodyIntuitive, HelioSol, Linking Awareness, (invented by advanced instructors of BodyTalk of which I have studied and mastered), changes lives!  The simplicity and safety along with the dramatic results that occur are miracles in my clients, patients and students lives.  A sincere gratitude and honor to Dr. Veltheim and his work that continues to echo throughout the world.

Let's start with the Basics of BodyTalk - defined by the founder himself!

  1. The body has innate wisdom which, when allowed, can heal the body at all levels.

  2. This innate wisdom can even tell us what is wrong with the body, what needs to be treated, and in what order.

  3. The key element in maintaining health in the body is the re-establishment of communication between all the systems and parts of the body.  In this way, the body can synchronize its activities, heal, and adapt to the stresses of life.

  4. The most important consideration in the healing process is the sequence in which the body heals the systems.  One of the main factors that slows down the healing process is the superimposition of the bias and agenda of the practitioner.

  5. The more we respect the body's innate wisdom (higher self, witness, source, whatever you wish to call it), the more it instructs us and more powerful it becomes. (The BodyTalk System, J. Veltheim, p.11)

So it begins, our surrender as clinicians when we do every BodyTalk session!  Each body has its own innate wisdom which can heal the body at all levels.  As we embrace our clinical knowledge that we obtained to serve humanity, we pause in this system to celebrate what we all know - that how amazing the human mind, body and spirit are, and they all work together to heal.  We are trained in the first module, to put all that we know in the background, to show up with no agendas, bias or pre-conceived notions.  We are trained to listen to the innate wisdom of the client before us, to hear THEIR story.    

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