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Transforming You...Revolutionizing Healthcare!


Understanding the psychology of the body and its influence on health.

What is BodyTalk?

BodyTalk is a holistic healing approach centered on your body's wisdom. Through gentle techniques like muscle checking, we uncover underlying concerns beyond symptoms. Unlike traditional counseling, BodyTalk targets root causes without causing further distress, leading to deep healing and lasting well-being.

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Whole Healthcare

A holistic approach that considers the complete spectrum of an individual's well-being, integrating diverse healthcare systems to address emotional, physical, and environmental factors. By understanding the whole person and their unique life story, WholeHealthcare aims to facilitate profound changes and improved health through personalized healing journeys.


Health challenges arise for various reasons. Trained practitioners look at the whole person, including emotional, physical, and environmental influences, to identify the underlying causes of disease.

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Each healthcare system and practitioner has a unique knowledge and skill set. WholeHealthcare integrates all healthcare fields to create a comprehensive approach to healing. Utilizing clinically proven protocol charts and non-invasive techniques, unique balancing sessions are created to refocus your body’s natural healing response, often resulting in profound changes and improved health as it balances and heals itself.


Every choice and experience has contributed to your current state of health. Each scar, laugh line, and injury has a unique story and history. Whole healthcare considers your lifestyle, genetics, and history to establish a personalized approach that brings lasting changes.



Visit the International BodyTalk Association website where you can find certified practitioners worldwide, seminars and other information.

Many professionals, including psychologists, nurses, doctors, and chiropractors, utilize BodyTalk in their clinical practices. Continuing education credits are offered for professional enhancement and are accepted by organizations like the American Holistic Nursing Association. 

Research published in the Journal of Pain Management shows that BodyTalk can reduce chronic pain by 70.4% and associated emotional imbalances. BodyTalk was also featured in the Journal of Alternative Medicine. 

Read the article about BodyTalk in the Journal of Pain Management, Chapter 28.

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What is your body saying? 

Take a moment to listen... I am the Lungs I am an important organ because I allow for the exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide in the blood, so your vitality is dependent on me. I am also responsible for distributing Qi around the body and so when I am functioning properly I give sharpness to movements and allow for good reaction times. I also play an important role in releasing attachments to the past as you release each breath. So when you ‘hold on’ to things in your life, your breathing becomes shallow and you feel suffocated and unable to grow.

 I am the Wrist I am a complex character because I have such close ties to the hand, which is one of the most expressive parts of the body. I have to be very exible and precise which requires a lot of intelligence, so it is little wonder that the stomach controls me. The stomach represents the conscious mind, and so when you start thinking too much and especially when your thinking becomes rigid and narrow-minde

Matters -
Research into BodyTalk

Journal of Alternative Medicine Research and

Evaluation of BodyTalk

A Novel Mind-Body Medicine

For Chronic Pain Treatment

Stuve LL, Liu H, Shen J, Gianettoni J, Galipo J. Evaluation of BodyTalk: A novel mind-body medicine for chronic pain treatment. J Pain Manage. 2015;7(4):279-290.

Ventegodt S, Vletheim J, Merrick J. BodyTalk: Health care redefined. J Altern Med Res. 2011;3(3):241-243.

Image of the Journal of Alternative Medicine
Image of the Evaluation of BodyTalk A Novel Mind-Body Medicine For Chronic Pain Treatment
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