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Updated: Apr 18

What is the next PRIORITY? This is a unique question that every BodyTalker student is taught and practices!  We remember that each patient, each body we serve, is "a total, holistic, interrelated system that involves billions of interrelationships and linkages. Some of those linkages can be quite obscure and involve a dynamic that is way beyond the comprehension of a practitioner. The BodyTalk system recognizes this dynamic and therefore follows the protocol that no treatment is given until the body asks for it and the treatments are given in the exact SEQUENCE asked for by the body.!" (The BodyTalk System, J. Veltheim, p.29)

To a conventional clinician, this seems absurd; but, this philosophy and teaching of this integrative system continues to transform my practice.  Honoring priorities of the mind/body achieves remarkable overall results captured in this website.  While we see phenomenal results in western medicine that serves with an amazing, needed Cartesian model (of specializing in the unique systems of the body); Dr. Veltheim reminds us that "traditional forms of healthcare often remain out of alignment with, and disrespectful of, the simplicity and wisdom of the PRIORITIES of the bodymind. As long as this form of healthcare remains the standard, healthcare will continue to be financially demanding." The BodyTalk System relies on the bodymind's Innate Wisdom, and respects its PRIORITIES, is what makes this innovative healthcare modality so effective. It has been shown at Recife Military Hospital in Brazil, where BodyTalk has been incorporated into the treatment model, that patient costs have been significantly reduced.  (The Science and Philosophy of BodyTalk, J. Veltheim , p. 31.)

The concept of "what is the next priority" of healing will be what you hear when you come in for treatment in my clinic, or any other BodyTalker's clinic! It is a foundational principle of the system, that continues to change lives in miraculous ways!

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