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BodyTalk for Nurses


These past few years have been an adventure, haven't they? While many worked from home, we nurses tirelessly remained in the trenches of a worldwide pandemic, giving our all. Some have left the profession forever, while others struggle with long-haul Covid symptoms. Life will never be the same for any of us.

In 2008, alongside my nursing education, I found myself taking BodyTalk classes. BodyTalk is an integrative, consciousness-based healthcare system that embraces a holistic view of the body. Miraculous changes occurred in both my daughter's life and mine, compelling me to delve deeper. In the first class, in the first training manual, I discovered profound insights that would change our lives.

heart beat monitor pattern with the shape of heart in the center
Ellen Hingst

Ellen Hingst, RN, BSN
American Holistic Nursing Association

Certified Medical Surgical RN

International Daisy Award RN

Advanced Certified BodyTalk Practitioner

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Anne, a nurse for comatose clients in an intensive care unit, had just returned to work after completing the first BodyTalk course. She decided to balance just the cortices on 6 of the clients. Two days later, 4 of the 6 clients were awake, to the amazement of the staff and relatives! These clients had all been there for weeks, if not months. She said, “If only I could follow up with more BodyTalk, but once they’re out of a coma, they leave my station!”
(BodyTalk Fundamentals, Dr. John Veltheim and Sylvia Muiznieks, page 109)

Try BodyTalk for Yourself

Learn about this simple technique - a non-invasive technique to balance brain/body energies

The Cortices Technique is a fundamental method in BodyTalk that involves tapping the brain to create an interference pattern. This pattern sends a message to the brain to repair imbalances and to the heart to stabilize and store the changes. The technique is easy to learn and can be practiced once or multiple times a day, depending on your stress level!

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Passionate about holistic nursing, Florence Nightingale reminds us that healthcare should focus on unity, wellness, and the inter-relationship between humans and their environment. BodyTalk initiated my journey into TRUE integrative medicine. What if there was a healthcare system that offered whole healthcare, understood the whole person and their whole story? Furthermore, what if this healthcare system brought results as a stand-alone system or complemented all else a patient was doing? What if the patient had the real answers to their health challenges?

"BodyTalk is the first and only translation of the philosophy and theory of Holistic Nursing. It is an integrative holistic approach that actually serves to align complex systems at all levels. Unity is the focus, not separation.

Access allows others to be the leader and director of their own care. It is the highest form of self-care and a way to honor self."

Jalma Mesnick Marcus, RN, BS, MS, HN-BC, CLSE, AT, author, speaker, educator, holistic/integrative practitioner.

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International Daisy Award

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A group of women  including Ellen Hingst
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A Path to Wellness

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Advanced Training in Nursing

I have received advanced training in nursing, which includes earning a Certified Advanced Medical-Surgical Certificate from ANCC and nearly completing a program to become a Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner. This comprehensive education, along with extensive experience in hospice care, newborn ICU, psychiatric care, family systems theory, and cancer treatment, has equipped me with the knowledge and clinical skills needed to deliver outstanding patient care.

While this training significantly enhances my ability to serve patients, it's my love and compassion for those who are struggling that truly fuels my passion for improving lives. I have a deep commitment to helping suicide victims and their grieving loved ones, as well as those battling mental illness and other forms of suffering. This dedication drives me to seek out solutions where none previously existed. I am especially devoted to serving the underserved and those often deemed undeserving, where access to clinical care is limited. For those who feel hopeless, I am determined to find ways to enhance their quality of life.

In essence, my advanced training and heartfelt compassion work hand-in-hand to provide the highest level of care to those in need.

Recognized for Excellence

Recently, I was unexpectedly recognized among all the DAISY award nominees for my 2021 International DAISY Award at a rare celebration where the Barnes family, who started the International DAISY Award, was in attendance at our local hospital. While I was touched by the award, I was moved by the Barnes Family story! A powerful story that began with the loss of their son.

The Impact of the DAISY Award

The DAISY Award, after two decades, has evolved into an evidenced form of nursing recognition that:

  • IGNITES extraordinary compassionate care

  • Improves satisfaction and retention (reminding us of why we REALLY became nurses)

  • Promotes OUR well-being and resilience (Just like BodyTalk System which promotes wellness!)

This recognition FOCUSES on celebrating what is RIGHT with nurses, building team spirit, reinforcing patient-centered care, community, and loyalty while staying in the spirit of GRATITUDE!

Passion for BodyTalk

I recognized that my training and passion for BodyTalk have given me the tools to deliver passionate NURSING care to my patients and colleagues every day! The principles and practices have shaped my care into EXTRAORDINARY CARE! Whether it is self-care or community care, it is an honor to serve YOU!

What Makes DAISY Nurses Special

The DAISY Awards highlight nurses who are proficient in the relational aspects of nursing, demonstrating a depth of understanding of what it means to tune into the highly variable needs of people who are vulnerable and suffering. These nurses are technically proficient, of course, but it is their RELATIONAL proficiency that moves the patient/family experience into the realm of the EXTRAORDINARY! Every DAISY story, no matter what the details, is a story in which the nurse tuned into the patient and family, saw their need, and found a way to REALLY connect and make a difference.

My Favorite Thing to Hear!

Ellen! Patients and families feel so completely safe in YOUR care!

A picture of several nurses with an award
Home Care

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Nurses, Recharge with BodyTalk!

Gratitude for all WE do! First responders, nurses, and other frontline workers receive 50% off their first session. 

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Within these pages, I celebrate a true integrative system that has complemented my nursing and patient care. Perhaps we are in a break room, having a cup of tea, discussing clinical concerns, or pausing outside a clinical patient door, grateful for the outcome after our many instances of Code Greys, Blues, Reds, and White!  Wherever you are, my nursing colleague, come to pause, put those tired feet up, let me share the wonders of consciousness-based care, and even tap out your cortices or give you a mini session!

A proud nurse


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