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It is a transformative experience where traditional diagnosis takes a back seat to the body's own innate wisdom.

What Happens in a BodyTalk Session?

In a BodyTalk session, our practitioners don't rely on traditional methods. They tune into your body's innate wisdom to find the root causes of your concerns. As you relax on the massage table, they use muscle checking – gently pressing on your arm to read your body's responses. Smooth movements indicate agreement, while resistance suggests areas needing attention. This guides us to your body's top priorities for healing.

Once identified, we gently tap specific points like the head, heart, and sternum to store the changes. This key step helps solidify the body's healing messages. Regardless of your state—awake, relaxed, asleep, or in a coma—this approach works. Sessions last about an hour and focus on your body's healing priorities. The results? Often remarkable.


Booked a Session?

Download our Health and Well-Being form to prepare for your session! Fill out the form and bring it to your in-person session, or take a picture or scan it and email it to

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